Executive Director of BSMEPA, Dr. Boyko Takov supported business initiatives to expand Bulgarian-Iranian business contacts

Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of BSMEPA, held a working meeting with Mr. Ali Akbar Rezaei, Advisor on Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran On 2 April 2019. The meeting was initiated by the Iranian side in connection with the forthcoming visit of an Iranian Business Delegation to Bulgaria, to be held from 16 to 19 April 2019, within the XIXth session of the Joint Bulgarian-Iranian Commission for Economic, Industrial, Trade and Technical Cooperation.

The main focus of the meeting was on the Bulgarian-Iranian business forum, scheduled for 18 April 2019 in Sofia- hotel Balkan and organized by Bulgarian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency. Mr. Rezaei informed that the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is in the process of forming a business delegation with 20 to 30 Iranian companies, is the main organizer of the business. It is expected that the sectoral direction of the companies will cover the sectors of mutual interest, like heavy machine building; chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and food industry; mining; energy; transport; cosmetics; Electrical and Electronics; information and communication technologies; agricultural products; construction, etc., but this will be confirmed upon receipt of the composition of the Iranian Business Delegation, which is expected to be received early next week.

Also discussed were the possibilities for organizing a visit to an economic free zone near Sofia or Trakia, but this part of the business visit program will be specified after receiving information on the profile of the Iranian companies.

Mr Rezaei expressed his gratitude to the Agency for the already traditionally fruitful cooperation with its Iranian partner ISIPO – a co-operation that over the years has grown to support bilateral business contacts.

In this respect, Mr. Rezaei informed that BSMEPA has been invited by ISIPO to form a sectoral delegation of Bulgarian enterprises to visit Iran. The possible sectors from which Bulgarian companies could be invited were discussed. Participants in the meeting identified cosmetics as the target sectors, in particular the production of rose oil and extracts from other plants, machine building, food processing and information technology. As a suitable business visit – the autumn of 2019.

The Executive Director, Dr. Takov, declared the readiness of the Bulgarian institution, led by him, and the support of the Agency’s team to fully assist the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in conducting successful and fruitful bilateral business initiatives.

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