With the assistance of BSMEPA, a global entrepreneurial organization will support Bulgarian companies with a growth program

BSMEPA is a partner in the Dare to Scale Growth program of the global entrepreneurial organization Endeavor. This is the first initiative in Bulgaria on such character – aimed at assisting companies, which are at more advanced stage of their development and which are planning to grow more.

Up to 10 participants are planned to be selected under the program, who in 2019 will attempt on specialized trainings and interactive sessions. The entrepreneurs will be able to draw direct experience from mentors in key areas such as organization management, marketing, sales, financial planning, and capital raising.

„BSMEPA has been willingly involved as a partner in the initiative, because of the concrete results we will be seeing by its end. The journey of gaining experience is the most difficult, but the most important. That’s why I’m sure people with experience here will point out the right path, leading the participating companies to inevitable success“, said Dr. Boyko Takov in the presentation of the program. „BSMEPA is always ready to lend its hand to such initiatives that, among other things, build a healthy ecosystem in the context of the socio-economic partnership.“

Entrepreneurs from all spheres of the economy can apply for the program. Companies must be Bulgarian, with less than 150 staff. The condition is to have their already proven product or service on the market, to have a turnover of at least BGN 200,000 for 2018 and, most importantly, their business must have the potential for global growth.

The other partners of the Dare to Scale Growth program of Endeavor’s global entrepreneurial organization are Postbank and one of the largest Bulgarian software companies Skull Focus.

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