Consultancy Services

  • Taxation, current legislative changes, currency regimes, credit policies of the banks, participation in privatization, announced concessions, public procurements, etc.These information and consulting services and products are provided by BSMEPA in its headquarters in Sofia, and in its 26 regional offices. Their main services and activities are:
  • Consulting services (basic consulting for starting up SME’s and specific consultation in marketing, finance, law, planning & management, human resources implementing, innovations, export promotion, quality improvement and environment protection);
  • Financial services (assistance and consultancy in gaining of financial means), creation of a tax system favourable to investment; Facilitation of access to external sources of financing (banks, capital market, venture capital funds, leasing);
  • Helping the initial research on the effectiveness of the new business ideas;
  • Renting of real estate – private state and municipal property;
  • Construction of technological parks and incubators for development of SME;
  • Maintaining and updating a data base about Bulgarian exporters at regional level;
  • Creating favorable business environment at regional level;
  • Maintaining and updating the website of BSMEPA

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