International Cooperation And Programmes Development

  • Co-operating with over 100 partnership organizations – foreign, government and non-government structures, promoting the development of SMEs in their countries. Our cooperation with foreign partners is a source of intensive exchange of „know-how“ in the field of promoting the creation and development of SME’s and improving their abilities to perform and be competitive on the foreign markets. The information obtained through foreign partnership organizations is useful to the business circles in terms of making contacts and going to foreign markets, taking management decisions and participation of Bulgarian companies in foreign grant programmes and international tenders;
  • Development of projects, directed towards SMEs promotion;
  • Preparation of methodology and training for optimal use of target means for SME’s in the pre accession funds, structure funds and programmes of EU as well as creation of administrative capacity for its implementation;
  • Development of projects for SME’s promotion in definite sectors and target impact areas, as well as for segregated groups on the labour market;
  • Providing support of SME’s to participate in EU programmes;
  • Elaboration and implementation of SMEs projects;
  • Establishing positive image for entrepreneurship through projects and measures for is popularisation;
  • Public private partnership relations with the business communities NGO’s in the country. (ex. BCCI, BIA, BARDA, UEB, Business Club „Vazrajdane“ and many others);
  • The Directorate also undertakes all work related to the cooperation agreements, which has been signed between the Bulgaria Government and international trade promotion organizations like the Belgian Foreign Trade Board; the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute; Commerce and Tourism of Portugal; the Czech Trade Promotion Agency; the Export Promotion Center of Turkey; the Romanian Foreign Trade Center.
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation: The Agency keeps contact with more than 80 partner trade promotion organizations in the system of the International Trade Center/ UNCTAD/WTO.

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