Promotion of the Internationalization of the Bulgarian enterprises

General information

Ø Project start date: 22/04/2010
Ø General Objective: Strengthening and expanding the presence of the Bulgarian companies at European and world markets and effective use of the advantages of the Single European market
Ø Project period: 36 months (April 2010 – April 2013)
Ø Budget: 27 396 493 BGN (14 007 604 Euro)
  • ACTIVITY 1: Development of a National Export Internet portal
Ø Supporting Data Base of Bulgarian companies with export potential
Ø Access to information and services:
      • Companies matchmaking
      • Marketing researches, economical analysis and reports
      • Actual trade and market information from the Bulgarian Commercial and economic offices abroad
      • Promotional events organized under the Project
      • Seminars and Information days
      • Export strategies and policies for the priority economical sectors
      • Funding sources
  • ACTIVITY 2: Export strategies, analysis and policies for the  priority economical sectors 

ØObjective: Increasing the competitiveness of economical sectors with export potential by identifying:

      • The priority export sectors and the existing opportunities, trends and perspectives for export
      • Target international markets in which the Bulgarian products from the priority sectors will be competitive
      • Opportunities to imposing competitive Bulgarian products on the target markets
ØThe export strategies, analysis and policies will be developed together with the responsible authorities of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. There are 18 economical sectors defined with export priority, as follows:
1. Foods
2. Drinks
3. Chemical and Pharmaceutical products
4. Textile and textile products
5. Clothes, leather clothes and leather processing
6. Furniture
7. Machines, equipment and household appliances
8. Electrical machines and apparatus
9. Vehicles, without automobiles
10. Rubber and Plastics
11. Medical precise and optical apparatus  and instruments
12. Office and computer technology products and services
13. Wood, without furniture
14. Wood pulp and paper products
15. Editing and publishing activities
16. Production of non-metallic mineral products
17. Non-metallic and mineral products without machine and equipment
18. Radio, TV and telecommunications

Process of consultation with the business representatives

The Indicative programmes for realizing the project activities (seminars, business delegations and trade missions,  B2B forums and exhibitions) are developed on the following base:

      • Specific proposals made by the branch organizations /NGO/
      • Analysis of the results from previous years
      • Recommendations received from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism regarding the priority sectors and target markets

ACTIVITY 3: Seminars and Training courses for SMEs

ØIntroduction seminars: Increasing the knowledge and capacity of the Bulgarian companies to export on international markets
ØInformational seminars: Educating the SMEs on all existing instruments for promoting export, managed by the government institutions as Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency, Bulgarian Investment Agency, Bulgarian Development Bank and other promotional institutional and international programs
ØSpecialized seminars for promoting the export in the priority sectors

ACTIVITY 4: Information/Consultancy services

ØSpecific marketing and analytical information:
      • Activity in Specific sectors
      • Product groups
      • Target international markets
      • Distribution channels
      • Specific legislation requirements
ØThe Implementation will start on the second project year
      • Reason: Activity depends on the implementation of activity 2 (analysis and strategies on economical sectors)
      • Planned start: depends on the period of submitting the developed export strategies of economical sectors (Activity 2)

ACTIVITY 5: Trade missions and B2B Forums in Bulgaria and abroad 

Organization of promotional events and B2B Forums within the framework of the project:

―Implementation: 32 Trade missions in EU member states
        • 28 Trade missions in third countries
        • 12 international Forums in Bulgaria
―Meetings with branch organizations, associations and unions, Commercial Counselors from the Bulgarian Commercial and economic offices abroad, international organizations and others
―Prepared and approved indicative program for the promotional events abroad in the period to 22/04/2012

ACTIVITY 7: Advertising and Publishing Activities

Ø Creation and distribution of informational and promotion materials and industries’ brochures, analysis and catalogues for promotion the Bulgarian sectors and products abroad
Ø Implementation:
      • Research on issues of partner organizations in Europe
      • Developed technical specification and complete documentation for public procurement procedure. Upcoming Procurement Notice.

ACTIVITY 8: Visualization and Publicity

ØDistribution and presentation of information to the target groups about the created products and services within the project in Bulgaria and abroad
Ø Held Information days
       • Distributed informational materials
Ø Publications:
       • Announcements in the national newspapers and website of BSMEPA for international exhibitions
       • Press releases on website sent to regional and national media
Ø Media appearances
Ø Constant visualization of the project – signs, official correspondence, information boards, etc.

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