Project: Cross-border partnership for employment and labour mobility

INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

Project: Cross-border partnership for employment and labour mobility

Lead Beneficiary: Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency

Labour mobility in the cross-border region is a national priority, both for Romania and Bulgaria, requiring special political attention and effective coordination of policies in the area. Daily cross-border cooperation in the border region between Bulgaria and Romania in the field of labor is characterized by a number of difficulties that create barriers to collaboration and hinder cross-border mobility of the workforce. Very often the national media, portals and information centers have the opportunity to respond adequately to the needs of developing cross-border labor market. Existing information, in most cases, is limited in terms of content, scope, the availability of different languages, etc. Main objective of the project is to encourage the integration of the cross-border area in terms of employment and labour mobility. Other objectives are:  To improve the capability of the two organizations to provide adequate and effective services to SMEs in the cross border area;  To increase the know-how of local stake holders concerning business and employment opportunities on both border regions;  To establish a sustainable partnership for the implementation of measures to support labour mobility in the region. Main activities are:

  • Repair of an existing municipal building in Vidin in order to establish a business incubator to support the cross-border labour mobility
  • Equipment of the business incubator  Provision of seminars and trainings to obtain information and skills need to start a business abroad or to find a job abroad
  • Provision of professional trainings in different areas
  • Organization and conduction of CBC job fair where investors and employers will present employment and business opportunities in the cross-border area
  • Information and publicity activities


With the implementation of this project a sustainable resources and know-how for labour opportunities and labour mobility will be provided in the cross-border region. More than 1000 persons will be trained during the project in different courses and after the project end the established business incubator will provide constant courses for job seekers.

Total project proposal budget: 563 586, 58 EUR

Project MIS/SMIS code/reference number – BG161PO003-4.2.01-0001-C0001

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