Project Support Local Governments in Low Carbon Strategies

Project title: Support Local Governments in Low Carbon Strategies

Project acronym: SUPPORT

Index Number: PGI02448

Total project`s budget: 1 898 731,00 Euro

Total budget of BSMEPA as a project`s partner: 111 126,00 Euro

Project duration: 01.01.2017 – 30.06.2021

SUPPORT tackles the difficulties encountered by many cities and towns of partner regions in the implementation of sustainable energy policies, and helps local governments by improving the coordination of energy policy instruments and promoting a more effective use of funding opportunities.

Project Tasks and Objectives

The overall objective of SUPPORT is improving the operational quality of the ERDF funds directed towards local administrations, for integrated strategies for CO2 abatement, with particular attention to the reduction of the implementation gap of energy efficiency measures, and empowering Local Authorities to make optimal use of ERDF funds for integrated sustainable energy strategies and actions, e.g. in the context of voluntary commitments, like the Covenant of Mayo rs. To reach this aim, SUPPORT’s sub-objectives are:

Identify, together with the stakeholder groups, the barriers for the use of ERDF funds and for planning and implementing integrated sustainable energy plans and measures, enhancing knowledge of local and regional energy targets, and increasing information about ERDF opportunities and procedures.

Identify current practices of use of the policy instrument and collect and review good practices of using ERDF funds as part of the financial strategy for Local Authorities for implementing sustainable energy measures.

Develop and/or improve the existing data collection methods and tools, in order to provide a sound basis for the definition of the Action Plans.

Support the decision-making bodies of the partners and the managing authorities in the implementation and improvement of ERDF programmes, and reinforce the coordination and support role of the actors/stakeholders of regional relevance.

Build capacity for local Authorities to use ERDF funds for implementing integrated sustainable energy plans and measures, and improve the local decision making, policy monitoring, and procurement process.

Foster the involvement of private subjects in the implementation of energy related actions.

Facilitate the coordination among smaller local authorities, in order to provide the necessary “critical mass” (project aggregation) for attracting private actors (ESCOs) for energy efficiency projects.

Project Partners

  • Istrian Regional Energy Agency Ltd. (IRENA) – Lead partner
  • Center for Monitoring Business Activities in the Energy Sector and Investment
  • Metropolitan City of Capital Rome
  • Climate Aliance Italy – Advisory Partner
  • Gozo Regional Committee – Gozo Development Agency (GDA)
  • Alba Local Energy (ALEA)
  • Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
  • Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (F.A.M.P.)
  • Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
  • Anatoliki S.A Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki`s Local Authorities
  • Energy Agency of Rhineland-Palatinate

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