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GoInt is a Project funded by INTERREG V-A Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020 co-operation programme focusing on enhancing international exports of AgroFood sector companies in the neighboring eligible areas between Greece and Bulgaria. GoInt is aiming to achieve this with 3 sets of deliverables focused on providing ICT tools and exports perspective to the agro-food SMEs.

Three partners with constitutional scope to support business join their forces to develop an innovative ICT platform, provide skills development, support exports in two selected target markets (Vietnam & Israel), as well as establish pioneering “Exports Support Working Groups” in order to support businesses tackle their obstacles & ameliorate business climate.

The ultimate goal of GoInt is to strengthen the factors affecting long-term entrepreneurial success of agro-food industry, such as skills labor for sales, access to EU/ national support, e-business, aggressive marketing, access to foreign markets; critical factors that identified by the survey undertaken by the Cooperation Programme in 2015.

More than 60 companies will receive guidance through the Export Support Working Groups from Bulgaria and Greece as an initial step. More than 50 companies will gain knowledge and networking via the focused trainings/ consultation and B2B meetings.

As initially designed, the project has concluded with success the participation of 5 companies in AgroMashov Exhibition in Israel on 5-6 September 2022 and two mission of approx. 20 companies in the foreign markets on Israel and Vietnam on September and November.

ICT solutions are also in progress with the aim to assist companies in their actions to attract new customers in foreign markets. It is expected that more than 4000 companies in the CBC area will gain from the updated TEAS and e-Instrument platforms.

Planned Outputs

a. Support services to businesses in terms of export orientation

  • 10 technical meetings of Export Support Working Groups
  • 4 B2B meetings with embassies and trade missions
  • 2 missions (one mission in each one) to target markets
  • Participation in one food fair (SME’s by invitations)

b. Establishment of a permanent business ICT instrument

  • Development of one business support ICT e-instrument
  • Update of one online platform of the Trade and Economic Affairs Services
  • Development of one new online Market Access Database

c. Develop human skills and capacity

  • 4 Training Cycles for the targeted markets
  • Mentoring of groups (10 cases) to increase exports capabilities of SMEs
  • Personalized Counselling (18 cases) on product promotion & placement

Expected Results:

a. Provision of support services to the agro-food industry

  • 60 companies to receive guidance from the ESWG
  • 50 companies to gain networking via B2B meetings
  • 20 businesses to participate in missions in foreign markets
  • 5 businesses to participate in the food fair

b. ICT solutions

  • 2500 companies to benefit from the e-Instrument

c. Develop human skills and capacity

  • 10 BG companies to participate in mentoring sessions
  • 18 companies to receive personalized counselling
  • 100 experts trained


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