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Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency

The Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) plays a key role in the implementation of the government policies aimed at developing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian SMEs. BSMEPA is the institution responsible for conducting and implementing governmental policy on supporting SMEs. BSMEPA implements the state policy in Bulgaria for promoting entrepreneurship, development and internationalization of SMEs with a wide spectrum of activities.

The Agency participates in the control and monitoring boards of The Program „Research, Innovation and Digitization for Smart Transformation“ 2021-2027 (PNIIDIT). PNIIDIT meets the strategic needs and priorities of Bulgaria for accelerated economic development through investments in the development of scientific research, scientific infrastructure, innovation and smart industry and the rapid entry of digital technologies into the economy and society. BSMEPA is deeply involved in the decision-making process with regard to the development and optimization of the strategic documents and business support programs. The Agency has established a team of experts appointed to prepare the monitoring report for the implementation of The Smart Specialization Strategy in Bulgaria.


Internationalization of SMEs Directorate
Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
2-4, Lege St., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact person: Iva Marinova
Phone: + 359 2/ 940 79 77
Mobile: + 359/ 878418975

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German – Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The German – Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DGHIK) acts as a two way “gateway” between Greece and Germany, for more than 99 years. It consists of 890 members, is part of the Worldwide Network of German Chambers of Commerce abroad, with 140 offices in 92 countries and has cultivate solid relations with national Chambers, Associations, Local Authorities and the Greek Ministries. DGIHK has its offices in Athens and the Department in Thessaloniki, with a total team of 31 employees.

The German Hellenic Chamber provides a broad spectrum of services to its members and entrepreneurs: market studies, consultancy in finance, law and tax issues, training & education, event organizing, arbitration & mediation, German trade fairs, recruiting and others. Main focus is given in certain sectors, projected by the characteristics/ needs of Greece, such as Exports, AgroFood, Energy,Environment, Training & VET, Tourism, IT applications and start-ups.

Focusing also at members networking, partner search and establishment of partnerships, the Chamber organizes Conferences, B2B meetings, sectoral Events, Workshops and provides legal and tax services. A best-case example also is the implementation of Steering Committees of members. The AgroFood Steering Committee produces various outputs such as an Exports Guided focused on AgroFood.


German – Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Voulgari 48-50, 54248 Thessaloniki, Greece
Contact person: Mrs. Alexandra Tavlaridou
Phone: +30 2310 327733

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Camera di Commercio Italo-ellenica di Salonicco

The Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki was founded in 1996 and is a nonprofit organization recognized by both the Italian and Greek governments. Its main purpose is to develop relations and contacts between the businessmen of the two countries, especially promoting business relations. The Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki acts as a liaison between Italian businesses and the Greek market through the various activities it develops. It is part of the Worldwide Network of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, with 84 chambers in 61 countries.

The range of provided services by the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki is diverse and includes: Business research from special database for Italian and Greek producers, importers, wholesalers, traders and representatives, Commercial information and profiles for Italian and Greek companies, Promotional activities and Direct marketing, Highlighting business offers and investments, Organization of meetings and workshops between entrepreneurs, Organization of business missions to Italy, Support for entrepreneurs visiting Greece (interpretation, translations), Legal support and advice on commercial, stock and tax law issues, Information on Italian and Greek Exhibitions, Seminars and events on specialized topics, Market research, Translations.


Camera di Commercio Italo-ellenica di Salonicco
K. Karamanli 47, 54639 Thessaloniki, Greece
Contact person: Marco Della Puppa
Phone. +30.2310.947744,951272 – Fax +30. 2310.951542

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